Low Row URC

Built with Bricks and Amazing Grace

The History of Low Row

We have recently said goodbye to Revd Julie Martin who was also the minister for chapels in Keld and Barnard Castle. We are very grateful to her for her spiritual leadership and for her faithful ministry to the Swaledale churches. We now welcome our new ministers to the Tees/Swale Pastorate, Revd Hilary Collinson and Revd Stephen Collinson and look forward to working with them.

The church building dates from 1809 but the heating system is 21st century! It is a typical nonconformist chapel with an organ loft at the front and gallery at the back. It is lovingly looked after by the members.

About half the congregation are from families native to the dale and the rest are ‘offcumdens’ most of whom have retired in the area. One of the glories of the fellowship is that, apart from the accent, you cannot tell which is which…all feel equally at home.

Being on a hillside there are steps leading up to the church. This makes it difficult, but not impossible, for wheelchair access as strong men are available to help.

Low Row is one of the five churches that comprise the Tees Swale Mission partnership, the others being in Darlington, Northallerton, Barnard Castle and Keld.

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