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Low Row Events

Low Row events.

On Friday 5th May 2017, the United Reformed Church's Northern Synod Moderator, Rev David Herbert, led worship in the ruins of the Smarber Chapel before concluding worship in the Low Row URC chapel which replaced it.

Smarber Chapel was formerly a shooting lodge belonging to Philip, Lord Wharton - probably best known for the Lord Wharton Bibles. A Puritan and Parliamentarian during the English Civil War, he frequently ran into trouble with the King after the Restoration. In 1690 he converted part of the lodge at Smarber as an Independent Chapel for Protestant Dissenters.

A new Chapel (the present Low Row United Reformed Church) was built in 1809.

On Thursday 1st December 2016, 199 knitted angels adorned the front of Low Row URC for the Swaledale Christians Together Advent Service. At the instigation of Sue Pellatt who's seen the idea in another church, a number of knitters in the Dale set to making these angels.

The service took angels as its theme, focussing on the angels in the Christmas biblical narrative as messengers of hope, blessing, encouragement and good news.

The angels, with a simple Christmas message attached, will now go to several public places around Upper Swaledale for people to take away - a free gift from the churches as a reminder of the essence of Christmas.

You are invited to join in our Harvest Festival Weekend celebrations at Low Row United Reformed Church.

Saturday 8th October 7.30pm a concert by the renowned folk group FOURUM followed by supper. Tickets available from Sue Alderson or Anne Brown.

Sunday 9th October 10.30am Service led by Revd. Hilary Collinson. We will be joined by the PARISH CHOIR.





This occasion was a great success attended by 48 people who listened to an erudite talk that painted a vivid picture of life in the Dale at that difficult time. We all left much the wiser.

Come and hear a talk by Gillian Figures entitled Keld during WW1 on Saturday 12th September at 2.00pm in Keld Chapel. This event draws on recent research by Gillian Figures into the four men named on the Keld War Memorial. She will describe life in Keld during WW1 and the impact of the war on the community.

“And soon you shall see the chimneys’ slow upflying snow as Captain Cat, in sailor’s cap and seaboots announces to-day with his loud get-out-of-bed bell.”

Dylan Thomas “Under Milk Wood”

On Sunday mornings the bell at Low Row United Reformed Church is rung to call people to worship. For some it may even be their “get-out-of-bed bell”! In March, however, the sound of the Low Row bell was heard further afield as it featured as a sound effect in a production of “Under Milk Wood” at Saltburn Community Theatre. This dramatized version of Dylan Thomas’s work was entered for the annual amateur drama festival there by the Saltburn’53 Drama Group. In charge of the sound effects for this was Peter Martin, husband of former Low Row and Keld minister, Julie Martin. Peter and Julie came back to Swaledale recently to record the bells of both chapels, but it was Low Row’s bell which was used in Saltburn.

The Low Row bell is rung every Sunday in Swaledale. In March it rang out in the theatre in Saltburn. And soon it will ring out again in another location, because “Under Milk Wood” won the “Best Production” award and will go forward to the Northern Semi-Final of the All England Theatre Festival to be held in Knaresborough in May.

It is now a tradition to walk from Keld to Grinton on Good Friday as an act of pilgrimage, Christian witness or simply a good hike. You are welcome to walk the full 12.5 miles or to join or leave the group at any stage. The programme is as follows, the times get more approximate as the day progresses!

9.00 A short service at Keld Chapel, leave at 9.10 .

10.30 Service at St Mary’s, Muker. Leave at 11.00.

12.30 Lunch stop and service at Gunnerside Methodist Church. Leave at 13.30.

14.15 Smarber Chapel

14.45 Isles Bridge

15.30 Low Whita Bridge

17.00 Arrive at Grinton

17.30 Service at St Andrew’s Church, Grinton.


For more details visit www.swaledalearkengarthdaleparish.org.uk/page11a.html.

Come the month of May, come the Smarber Service as on Friday 1st May the annual service held at the ruined chapel at Smarber.

Warmish clothes and stout shoes are recommended and a hot cup of tea is guaranteed back at the present day church in Low Row.

The walk up to the chapel starts from the church car park leaving at 6.30pm.

Then on Sunday 3rd May will be a combined village service at Low Row URC at 10.30am.

Both Friday and Sunday services will be led by Revd. Hilary Collinson.

  • 199 Angels
    On Thursday 1st December 2016, 199 knitted angels adorned the…
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