Low Row URC

Built with Bricks and Amazing Grace


Services continue!

Since March until their retiral, our Ministers provided printable mini-services each week, whichh gave been emailed round the Pastorate.

These have been published as web pages also, so that music can be added for the hymns.

Since the retirement of our Ministers, these services have been provided by "visiting preachers" arranged by Darlington and published in the same way. Look at the Northallerton page for further service options.

The "Darlington" services (ALL of them since March) are accessible every week through the link below.


Due to current advice all Services are currently cancelled.


here are three alternatives which the Elders urge all who have internet access to use during this time. Even in this remote way, we can build a sense of continued fellowship.

1. Zöe our "singing organist" in Darlington sings the hymns from the mini-service live on Facebook at 10:45 each Sunday. This has proved very successful and  followed by friends all round the country.

2. A MINI-SERVICE for the Pastorate prepared by our "visiting preachers". This is a text document with prayers, hymns, readings and reflection. Additionally, this is pubished on the web (see above), with accompaniments.

3. Nationally, the URC is providing a RECORDED SERVICE through the DAILY DEVOTIONS link. This is audio plus text. The link to this is emailed to those who want it on Sundays at 10am. 

It is accessible to everyone, whether signed-up or not.

It can, also, be viewed later if anther time is more convenient.

[If you do not already receive the emailed Daily Devotions, CLICK HERE to go to the website and 'sign up' - it is a wonderful free resource - and you will also receive the link to the Service] 

Pastoral care and contact will be maintained through Ministers, Elders and pastoral visitors by phone etc.


Jan 5   Mrs Marrany Jones
  12   Peter & Daphne
  19   John & Rachael Hall
  26   Rev S Collinson (Communion)
Feb 2   Mrs S Alderson
  9   cancelled
  16   Rev S Collinson
  23   Mr H Bunting
Mar 1   Prof S Miller
  8   Mrs D Clarke
  15   Rev A Coustick
  22   Rev S Collinson (Communion)
  29   Rev S Collinson
Apr 5   Rev H Collinson
  12   Rev H Collinson (Communion)
  19   Rev S Collinson
  26   Jo & John Lloyd
May 1   Rev S Collinson
  3   Rev S Collinson
  10   Mr Derek Jackson
  17   Rev Alan Poolton
  24   Rev H Collinson (Communion)
  31   Rev S Collinson
June 7   At Holy Trinity Church, Low Row
  14   Rev John Prichard
  21   Rev S Collinson
  28   MiR
July 5   Rev H Collinson
  12   Mr H Bunting
  19   Rev S Collinson
  26   Rev S Collinson (Communion)
Aug 2   Rev H Collinson
  9   Rev S Collinson
  16   Ms M Thompsom
  23   Rev H Collinson
  30   Rev David Wood
Sept 6   Mr J Little
  13   Rev S Collinson
  20   Rev S Collinson (Communion)
  27   Revs Collinson
Oct 4   TBC
  11   Revs Collinson (Harvest)
  18   Rev David Hobman
  27   TBC
Nov 1   TBC
  8   Remembrance Keld
  15   Ms M Thompson
  22   TBC
  29   TBC
Dec 6   TBC
  13   TBC
  20   TBC
  24   TBC
  25   TBC
  27   TBC

Regular worship services are held throughout the year each Sunday morning  at 10.30am. Exceptions are just twice in the year when combined services are held at Keld and Barnard Castle. Our minister conducts the services on alternate Sundays. We never have any difficulty filling the pulpit as so many people love coming up the dale to take services. Members of the congregation are willing to play an active role in services by reading, praying, preaching or playing the organ.

The great festivals of the Church are celebrated. A special Sunday is the Harvest Festival. On Remembrance Sunday, as well as the morning service, there is a joint service with the congregation at Keld at 10.50am starting at the Keld War Memorial before proceeding to Keld Chapel.

On the last Sunday in April or the first in May we remember our origins in Smarber Chapel. We climb up a steep footpath to the remains of Smarber Chapel where a short service is held to remember with gratitude what we owe to those who came before. The service concludes in the current chapel.

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