Low Row URC

Built with Bricks and Amazing Grace



Oct 1st Rev Malcolm Hanson   10.30 am
8th  Dot Thomson  Harvest 10.30 am
15th  Sue Pellatt   10.30 am
22nd  Rev Ian Ring   10.30 am
29th Derek Jackson   10.30 am
Nov 5th  TBA   10.30 am
12th  James Mawdesley  Remembrance  10:50 am
    at Keld - starts at Keld war memorial
19th John & Rachel Hall   10.30 am
26th  TBA   10.30 am





Regular worship services are held throughout the year each Sunday morning  at 10.30am. Exceptions are just twice in the year when combined services are held. We never have any difficulty filling the pulpit as so many people love coming up the dale to take services. Members of the congregation are willing to play an active role in services by reading, praying, preaching or playing the organ.

The great festivals of the Church are celebrated. A special Sunday is the Harvest Festival. On Remembrance Sunday, as well as the morning service, there is a joint service with the congregation at Keld at 10.50am starting at the Keld War Memorial before proceeding to Keld Chapel.

On the last Sunday in April or the first in May we remember our origins in Smarber Chapel. We climb up a steep footpath to the remains of Smarber Chapel where a short service is held to remember with gratitude what we owe to those who came before. The service concludes in the current chapel.

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