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We have recently said farewell to our two ministers, the Revs Stephen and Hilary Collinson, who, during their seven years ministry, over-saw the uniting of the two Swaledale Churches into one, Low Row with Keld United Reformed Church. We thank them for their faithful ministry in these challenging times.
The Low Row Church dates from 1809... but the heating system is definitely C20th !

It is a typical non-conformist chapel with pews, an organ loft, a rear gallery and a small narthex where such children as come can be taught separately and Bible Studies are held. It is lovingly looked after by the members. Currently, there are no children but visitors are made welcome and quickly catered for.

Low Row has a small but faithful congregation most of whom are native to the dale but with a number of 'offcumdens', mostly from the world of education. One of the glories of the fellowship is that, apart from the accents, you cannot tell which is which, all feel equally at home.

As the church is built into the hillside, access is by a short flight of steps. This can make it difficult for wheel-chairs...but there are always strong men available to help!

Keld Chapel, further up the dale, is older than Low Row, its first reference appearing on a map of 1577. The present building originates from1789 but was substantially modernised in 1818 when a school-room and Manse were added.

We are part of the Tees/Swale Mission Partnership with our sister churches in Darlington and Northallerton. Our other founding Mission Parnership church, in Barnard Castle, closed in 2016.


The organ is a rare early example of the work of Roy Huntingford and possibly the only one in existence that has not been modified over the years. It underwent a major overhaul in 2006.

1690 - 1694     John Holland

1694 - 1713     John Taylor

1713 - 1725     James Burgess

1725 - 1765     Timothy Gardiner

1766 - 1782     James Benn

1782 (3 weeks) William Turner

1782 - 1786     Astley Meanley

1787 - 1807     David Simpson

1807 - 1835     John Allason

1836 - 1837     Daniel Davis

1838 - 1882     John Boyd

1882 - 1894     James Clarke

1895 - 1897     Joseph Booth

1897 - 1899     Ralph Cantrill Scurrah

1899 - 1902     Harry Golding

1903 - 1922     Thomas Clarke

1923 - 1928     Shields Gill

1929 - 1932     Joseph H. Austerfield

1933 - 1939     George W. Stanton

1940 - 1945     Shields Gill

1946 - 1952     George Hemming

1952 - 1959     John T. Lyman

1960 - 1965     John D. Legg

1967 - 1981     Kenneth W. Wadsworth

1981 - 1986     Stanley Wilton

1986 - 1995     Peter I. Poulter

1996 - 2004     Gillian M. Bobbett

2005 - 2013     Julie S. Martin

2013 - 2020     Hilary J. & Stephen Collinson

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