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On July 27 2013, the two new ministers for the Joint Pastorate were inducted.

They are Revs Hilary and Stephen Collinson, who came to us from ministry in Lancashire.

They started preaching regularly in the pastorate in September 2013.Collinsons

 Hilary and Stephen have had varied posts before coming to Tees-Swale, leading parallel but independent mission lives as follows:

Hilary years   Stephen years
Brighton Rd URC Gateshead 1983-1984   Ryton & Winlaton URC 1980-1984
Lancaster N. Group 1984-1987   Lancaster N. Group 1984-1992
Tilehurst (Berks) 2000-2006   West Reading Gp (Berks) 1992-1998
TLS Course Co-ordinator 2000-2006   Trinity, Sheffield 1998-2005
Prison Chaplaincy 2006-2013  

Kirkham (Lancs) URC & NW Synod Training and Development Officer

Oversight of Lytham URC 2007-2013  
Oversight of Elswick URC 2008-2013  


Secretarial duties are carried out by a team of two Elders - the dot1named Secretary is Miss Dorothy Thomson and she is supported by Mrs Maranny Jones, the past Church Secretary, as Admin. Secretary.


Admin. Secretary


The role of named Secretary has assumed more duties in recent years and so Dorothy's admnistrative dutied are shared with Maranny.

The two worked together during Maranny's years as Secretary, so they have an understanding as to their respectives responsibilities.



Following the retiremet of our Treasurer of 22 years, a new Treasurer, Mr Peter Thomson, was been appointed from within our congregation. Peter is an accountancy professional.

Our present style of worship is consistent with the age profile of our membership – from toddlers to centenarians and with the combined reformed tradition of our Congregational and Presbyterian forbears.


The context in which we carry out our mission:

Darlington (Northgate) URC is a member of the Tees and Swale Mission Partnership, along with Keld, Low Row and Northallerton churches.

Several years ago, the Mission Partnership decided to function as a Joint Pastorate - that is the two ministers with which the Mission Partnership is scoped will be functioning without a "mother church" but using their time and talents to best serve the whole Joint Pastorate.

The four churches all have worship teams of varying size, with Northallerton, having been in vacancy for some time before the appointment of our new Pastorate ministers, probably being the strongest in this regard.

The Darlington congregation has a number of lay preachers (one being TLS-trained). Several Elders are accredited to preside at Communion within the Mission Partnership.

Lay pulpit supply by Darlington members has been offered for several years, particularly to the Keld and Low Row churches.

The leaders of the Mission Partnership (that is, all the elders and minsters who are able to attend) meet quarterly to address issues of common concern, including joint events.

Please click here for the full programme.

Unless otherwise noted, services are at 10:45 a.m.


DateTimeWorship LeaderService Details
Nov 04 10:45 a.m. Revd Stephen Collinson Communion
  11 10:45 a.m. Rev Dr John Elliston Remembrance
  18 10:45 a.m. Revd Hilary Collinson Morning Service
  25 10:45 a.m. Revd Stephen Collinson Morning Service
Dec 02 10:45 a.m. Revd Dr Rosalind Selby Communion
  09 10:45 a.m. Harry Bunting Morning Service
  16 10:45 a.m.  Rev Barry Hutchinson Morning Service
  23 10:45 a.m. Junior Church Nativity Service
  24 6:oo p.m. Candlelight Carol Service
  25 10:30 a.m. Revd Hilary Collinson CHRISTMAS DAY
  30 10:45 a.m. TBA Morning Service

NURC new

After 10 weeks of refurbishments, we are now back in the Sanctuary, which is now more flexible, warmer and generally more welcoming.

The layout pictured above is not too different from the original "2 aisles plus pews" layout but we now have the capability of re-arranging seating any way we wish and still maintaining the use of the screens at almost any point in the space. Formerly they were fixed to the walls but now are mounted on trolleys which may be used all around the space, as needs dictate, thanks to distributed power and video outlets in the floor.



We have also modernised the vestibule area between the main entrance and the glazed doors at the back of the Sanctuary by flattening the floor and installing a servery. This gives us the facility to use this space as a gathering space after services and for meetings and is a much more welcoming area than formerly.


Outer doors and roundel


Our main doors have been altered to have glazed panels incorporating the Church logo, which allows the passing public to see through to the Sanctuary.


Vestibule inner looking out


Of course, this also enables those inside to see out!
Connecting with the community is a two-way thing.


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