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Thanks to a kind offer by Elm Ridge Methodist Church, we are able to use their excellent Hall for Sunday worship at 10:45 a.m.

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We started on 21 Nov and it went very well, with the Methodists joining us in the hall after their own service for coffee. This was a great time of fellowship as many faces were already known - and those that were not now are!

The arrangement will continue more-or-less indefinitely until we are able to use our own building again.

Due to existing arrangements, we cannot have a service on 12 December (the Hall becomes a stable for the circuit "Journey to Bethlehem" event) and there will be no service on 26 December.

However, our "remote" options of paper-based and web-based services will continue until we see that the need has done.

Online services continue!

Now accessible through a single link:

The services (ALL of them since the very beginning) are accessible every week through the link below:

Note that this is an updated link: we are now using a secure server for the Services - you should update your bookmark for the site. Users on Chrome were experiencing difficulties due to changes in Chrome's security policy, which prevented it accessing sites which do not have the security normally associated with commerce websites.

Due to our current building restriction all Services in Northgate are put on hold.


 We will be commencing in-person service on 21st November in Elm Ridge Hall.

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and here are three other options which the Elders urge all who have internet access to use during this time. Even in this remote way, we can build a sense of continued fellowship.

1. Zöe our "singing organist" sings the hymns from the mini-service live on Facebook at 10:45 each Sunday. This has proved very successful and  followed by friends all round the country.

2. A MINI-SERVICE for the Pastorate prepared by our "visiting preachers". This is a text document with prayers, hymns, readings and reflection. Additionally, this is pubished on the web (see above), with accompaniments.

3. Nationally, the URC is providing a RECORDED SERVICE through the DAILY DEVOTIONS link. This is audio plus text. The link to this is emailed to those who want it on Sundays at 10am. 

It is accessible to everyone, whether signed-up or not.

It can, also, be viewed later if anther time is more convenient.

[If you do not already receive the emailed Daily Devotions, CLICK HERE to go to the website and 'sign up' - it is a wonderful free resource - and you will also receive the link to the Service] 

We are also continue our Bible Study groups through Zoom or Skype.

Pastoral care and contact will be maintained through Ministers, Elders and pastoral visitors by phone etc.


Regular Sunday services take place at 10:45 a.m. and last for approximately an hour.

The children are able to go down to Junior Church part way through the service, where there are experienced leaders.

Younger children are able to make use of the crèche, which is a separate room within the sanctuary and has a sound relay of the service for parents.

The service is followed by a further time of fellowship in the church hall, where refreshments are served and the world is put to rights.

For the worship leadership calender, please see  Worship Calender.

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