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Angels - a series of 5 discussion meetings

An Invitation…

What or who are Angels? Where do they fit in with our Christian faith?

Following on from December/January’s Reform leading article on ‘Be an angel’, here is an invitation to continue to explore together on what this mystery might mean for us. Editor Stephen Tomkins leaves us a challenge in his final words…

   When I am asked why I just can’t believe in angels, all I can say is, ‘ I don’t believe
   In angels, but I have without a shadow of a doubt met one!’

So meeting in the cottage, or the church if numbers preclude the smaller venue, here are the dates.

12th March. ……Introduction to Angels. Who are they?

19th March……Angels in Art.  Led by former curator of Bowes Museum… Elizabeth Conran

26th March……Angels in the Bible, Poetry and Literature

2nd April…….Angels in Music……Led by Hazel Sumsion

9th April…….Journeying with Angels

Time 7.00pm – 8.15pm. Each session will be self-contained, so there is no need to worry if you can’t make them all.

Each session will probably include:

  1. Teaching.
  2. Shared or reflective time.
  3. Listen to a Sanctus (Song of the angels)
  4. Closing worship/prayer

Please contact Ann Bowes 07766733810

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