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JULIAN GROUP (Contemplative Prayer)

Northallerton Main Street. Zion Cottage… Meditation, Mindfulness, Contemplation. Stillness and Silence.

You are invited…

To come and experience a sharing in a non- threatening, comfortable environment, as above.

The Contemplative Prayer Julian group gathers in the cottage every Thursday lunchtime 1.00pm -1.30pm. The name is derived from Mother Julian of Norwich, who dedicated her life to solitary prayer in the Christian tradition. She is particularly well known for a book she wrote in 1395, called Revelations of Divine Love, and also for bringing comfort and counsel to the people of Norwich who came to the window of her cell in Norwich Cathedral.

This is an open opportunity for any who find it helpful to pray in silence alongside others, or for those who appreciate a regular opportunity in mindfulness to take time out, in order to just stop and be still together before God.

It is attended by up to 6 to 8 people, and has no fixed or formal leadership. There is a time of quietening down, followed by a short prayer inviting God into our hearts, that we might be discerning as to how he is speaking to us. This will be followed by a short reading introducing silence for half an hour and closing with the Grace.

We are currently exploring the possibility of a monthly evening Julian group for those who find lunch times difficult, if not impossible!

All are welcome. If you would like more details Mary Irwin 01609 770276 is currently the contact person  and she would be delighted to hear from you. Or just turn up!

Ann Bowes

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