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Low Row Bells Ring Out In Saltburn

“And soon you shall see the chimneys’ slow upflying snow as Captain Cat, in sailor’s cap and seaboots announces to-day with his loud get-out-of-bed bell.”

Dylan Thomas “Under Milk Wood”

On Sunday mornings the bell at Low Row United Reformed Church is rung to call people to worship. For some it may even be their “get-out-of-bed bell”! In March, however, the sound of the Low Row bell was heard further afield as it featured as a sound effect in a production of “Under Milk Wood” at Saltburn Community Theatre. This dramatized version of Dylan Thomas’s work was entered for the annual amateur drama festival there by the Saltburn’53 Drama Group. In charge of the sound effects for this was Peter Martin, husband of former Low Row and Keld minister, Julie Martin. Peter and Julie came back to Swaledale recently to record the bells of both chapels, but it was Low Row’s bell which was used in Saltburn.

The Low Row bell is rung every Sunday in Swaledale. In March it rang out in the theatre in Saltburn. And soon it will ring out again in another location, because “Under Milk Wood” won the “Best Production” award and will go forward to the Northern Semi-Final of the All England Theatre Festival to be held in Knaresborough in May.

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